Matthew Levecque



Matthew Levecque is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Spanish with a concentration in Applied Language, minoring in K-12 Foreign Language Education, and working towards a Certificate in Translation. Currently, he is a communication consultant with the UNCC Communication Across the Curriculum program. In this position, he assists students at the 3000-level in oral and written communication through presentation preparation and practice, as well as composition writing and organization. Matthew was a presenter and first-time attendee at the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina’s fall conference. He also presented alongside Susana Cisneros at the Spring 2022 SEACS conference.


More Than a Train Ride! Consultants Communicating in the Charlotte Community

Presentation (Oral communication)
– Presentations allowed me as a consultant to interact with the community based project
– Strengths and weaknesses (my own or the student's)
– Focus on my interactions with the project through consultations and in-class interactions with students
-Pedagogy practice !!! (how the class was taught, how did we support the students to develop critical thinking, communication, and intercultural competencies)

– Reflection: viewing the student's growth from the first presentation to the second and how the consultations were able to assist in the growth of student’s oral communication throughout the semester

– Focus on the way this information was presented differently this semester from the first and second semesters I was in the 3202 class and how that impacted my work as a consultant