Laura Viale


Laura Viale

UNC Charlotte

MA Fellow in Spanish

Speaker Bio

My name is Maria Laura Viale, I go by Laura. I am an MA Fellow in Spanish at UNC Charlotte. I got my BA in Translation and Interpretation from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my home country. After years of working as a sworn translator, interpreter and English instructor, I went back to school and got my MA in Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Arizona, where I worked as a Graduate Assistant, teaching elementary level classes, a Basic Language Coordinator, managing all 100 level Spanish classes and material, and a Global Ambassador, welcoming international students and helping them transition into the American college life. After graduation in 2019, I was hired as an Adjunct Instructor. Throughout the years of the lockdown and the pandemic, I worked as a Language Consultant for an AI Company called TELUS International, preparing language tests, analyzing audios to identify native speakers, translating instructions for different tasks and assessing the quality of lists. In 2022, I came to Charlotte and started working as an Adjunct Instructor, teaching 1000 and 2000 level Spanish classes, as well as Liberal Studies classes like Global Connections, where we focused on intercultural competence in the classroom.


Panel: The Importance of Introducing Intercultural Competence in American Classrooms at an Early Stage in College: Building Bridges over Barriers.