Evaluating Effects of the U.S. Embargo on Cuba

The Cuban Embargo has been subject to much debate over the last 60 years, as it remains a constant fixture in American foreign policy. Not only is this embargo an affair between the United States and Cuba, but it is also one that the whole world discusses, as the United Nations has called for an end to the embargo for 30 years. Last year, all members of the UN except two — Israel and the United States — called for the embargo to be lifted. This global attention calls into question the true motivations behind upholding the embargo. While it is an economic restriction, it affects more than just the economics of this small island. Every aspect of life in Cuba is affected by the embargo, including diet and nutrition, healthcare, and the ability to bid for jobs. I will examine the U.S.'s motives for the embargo and evaluate whether it has been effective in achieving those original objectives.

Terin Waller

Western Carolina University